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Custom Unit Builder

Create your own Units with your unlocked research with the Unit Builder

Alpha version 0.0.8 allows you to use your hard earned research items to create your own Units! Everything you unlock in each research tree can now be used to make a custom unit, start with a vehicle platform, then add a compatible weapon of your choice. The key is to create a well rounded retinue of units to deal with all opponent threats! The more research you unlock, the more versatile you can be! 

This update also improves retinues, restricting deletion of units (you can't go into battle with no equipment!) and limiting retinues to a maximum of 8 units per round. This may change during game play testing, so we'll see! Lots of UX improvements with this update too, should be easy to navigate around - though more identified improvements to come.

What's next?

As you've probably noticed, the platforms and weapons currently in use are placeholders, so these will be replaced by better quality and looking models and textures. These will be created with a PSX aesthetic, and will keeping high fidelity for an eventual Steam PC release. Mobile device units will be appropriately scaled down for performance. The aim is to also create some new platform types:

  • Fighter Jet - Quick hit and run platform that's great against gunships and air units. 
  • Bomber - Great against groups of units and structures, not so good against anything that moves.
  • Walker - Supreme ground assault platform with high durability and good target acquisition.

New weapon types will also be added including long range Tactical Missiles and Cluster Artillery. (I've been playing too much UT3 and Supreme Commander...)

Unit Builderv0.0.8

Oct 9, 2023
  • Created Unit Builder menu
  • Added Platform types as 3D objects on the Unit Builder menu, can select between them
  • Weapons are shown on the selected platforms when checking them out
  • Generates a name for your unit, or you can use mobile/QWERTY keyboard to create a new name
  • Units rotate upon selection (like PSX)
  • New units get automatically added to retinue if there is space, else gets placed in the Player's depot
  • Can delete Units from retinue
  • Added some typewriter style text animations
  • Protection against deleting/removing all Units from retinue
  • Resets available platforms and weapons upon new research item unlocked
  • Allows comparisons of unit types under Unit Builder for unlocked unit items
  • New Units and retinue changes are correctly saved to PlayerSaveData

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Josh Lyell

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