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New models, maps, Fighters and AI behaviour improvements

AI priority behaviour improvements, new Unit models, Fighter platforms, vastly enhanced maps with a new environment: Saathea!

0.0.9 features loads of changes, including a new Platform type, the Fighter which focuses on high speed recon and support while get at dog-fighting other aircraft. AI Unit Attitudes have been improved, with a new Attitude 'Attack Ground'. This Attitude allows Units with artillery weaponry (and later tactical missiles) to manually select ground to attack. Great for defending those choke points!

New asset models for various platform and weapon types have been added, and will continue to be added through the next couple versions. So far the Phase Bike, ATV, Six-Wheeler, Fighters and HE Cannon models have been completed and added. These use a PSX graphic style. 

Weapons now also need a clear shot to be able to fire, which will prevent unnecessary firing at walls and obstacles. AI is a little more clever now too, Units will prioritise targeting Units over Structures and Cores by default. This means if a Unit is targeting a structure and Unit enters it's range, it will change priority. Certain weapons have alternative priorities, for example artillery and rockets will prioritise structures over Units. 

There are also VFX changes, new weapons, a new map, muzzle flashes, UI sounds on research and a vastly improved title screen amongst other changes.

What's next?

More new shiny assets! There's a few more to complete, as well as a few gameplay additions such as Walker platforms and Tactical Missile behaviour. In addition to the already existing stationary turrets, I want to add neutral, capture-able Tactical Missile platforms that target the opponents core, bypassing defenses. This should make way for more gameplay variance, with mini-bases to capture and defend to gain an edge on an opponent. After that, a tutorial then UI iconography!

New Assets, Maps and Platform Typesv0.0.9

Nov 12, 2023
  • Menu UI sounds on Research section
  • Add Fighter platform behaviour
  • Allow certain Weapons to Attack Ground
  • Increased size of Core collider, improving hits with weaponry that use raycasts
  • AI players have differing economies to provide more of a challenge, build point per sec, and how often they deploy a wave
  • Lasers are now red (may change back!)
  • Weapon accuracy now correctly effects weaponry that use projectiles (artillery now have firing randomness)
  • Added muzzle flashes
  • Units now ignore collisions with each other (may also change back!)
  • Projectiles now correctly point towards forward velocity
  • New models for ATV, Phase Bike, Six-Wheeler, Fighter and HE Cannon
  • GroupBlock UI now show the status of a group, whether they are attacking or moving etc
  • Change hierarchy of object pooled weapons, are now independent of their hosts, gives more reliable movement
  • Particle effects shown again when taking control of a turret
  • Fixed a bug that would happen when one unit was destroyed out of a group was still deploying
  • Added a Light variant of the Particle Beam, the Gamma Beam
  • ATVs can now only attach Light weapons
  • Grenade Launcher is now a Light weapon
  • Created a new shader that can handle multiple colour inputs to show a 'trim' in the Player's colours
  • Player colour now shows when building Units in the UnitBuilder
  • AI now prioritise targets depending on pre-determined algorithm, by default: Units>Structures>Core
  • Weapon turrets of all types now smoothly snap to target (transition has been quickened however)
  • Weapons now sense if they have a line of sight before firing, and will wait until they have a clear shot
  • New map featuring ol' Saathea from Phaseshift!
  • 'Asteroid' now 'Achilles IX' and features a total overhaul with new features, VFX, turret placement and balancing

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