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FCOM Alpha released, Tactical Missiles, Bombers and more!

0.1.0 has landed with a massive update, new content, features and bug fixes!

FCOM is now officially in alpha! 0.1.0 has been a massive update overhauling visuals, adding in new Platform and Weapon types and improving various aspects of the game. There are currently 13 different platforms (vehicle types) and 29 different weapons to choose from, with a multitude of different combinations of both. 


In addition to the texture detailing that all units have, units now have unlockable skins to further enhance customisation and the look of your units. 

Four examples of camo skins on the new Medium Tank platform
Four examples of camo skins on the new Medium Tank platform

This uses a procedurally generated camo shader to create loads of unique looking possibilities. You can also alter the emission and trim of your units to help them stick out in battle!

Artillery provide covering fire
Three artillery tanks provide covering fire for attacking units

Artillery has been further improved, needing to deploy before they can fire, and all turrets now look towards their projectile trajectory enhancing realism. New weapons in the form of Tactical Missile Launchers, Bombers and Scatter weaponry have been added. 

New Tactical Missile weapon
Two tactical missile launcher units fire towards the opponent's base

Tactical Missiles Launchers, much like Artillery need to be deployed and can attack ground. They are adept at taking out structures and units at long range. The new Bombs weapon pair with the new Bomber Platform, and can perform massive area of effect attacks on ground units. Tactical Bombs can also attack ground. The new Scatter weaponry deliver suppression across a wide area with light damage, great for peppering a large area of lightly armoured forces at a distance. They come in an artillery shell or a bomb format.

New Bomber platform dropping a bomb
A bomber unit deploys a bomb on an attacking tank

All release gameplay features at this point have now been added. The game units have been balanced (to a point!) platforms and weapon selection have been reduced to a point where each unit has a clear counter to aid core gameplay mechanics. A group limit of 6 has been added to provide more tactical flavour and limits have been placed on certain weaponry on certain platforms for balancing or where made sense. (An ATV can't drop bombs for example!)

VFX have been improved, rockets looks cooler, tank shells look less cartoon-y and artillery trails and feel have been much improved. Thrusters on Fighters have a distinctive look to better differentiate between other air platforms. The visuals are now more thematic and art style has been tightened.

AI path finding has improved for air units, and behave more predictably as a result. Gunships physics have been completely re-built from the ground up, resulting in far more consistent behaviour - they now try to reach a target height, and not an offset of the ground (which could be a chasm!)

These are just a selection of the changes for this version, heaps of smaller updates have made it in to improve UI and UX also.

What's next?

Accessibility is the focus for next version. Adding settings menus and options to improve the experience for a greater range of people. A tutorial to help new comers, Retinue re-work to better help you to sort your built units. New maps, a continuation of replacing old placeholder units and replacing them with spanking new models. Adding a profile menu so you can change your skins, colours, name and other settings. 

Although Walkers were (and still are on the roadmap) they will be postponed due to balancing and complexity - but will likely be added at some point. Much more on the horizon, watch this space! More neutral buildings as referenced in the last update article are still planned, and now that the tactical missile launcher has been built, a capture-able missile silo is definitely on the horizon!


Dec 7, 2023
  • Platforms and Weapons now show which other Unit type they are strong or weak against on the UnitBuilder and Research UI
  • Minimum engage distance added to artillery and tactical missiles
  • New Tactical Missile weapon, fires a missile straight in the air that locks on after a set time to precision strike an area
  • Units with tactical missiles or artillery now need to deploy before they can fire
  • Artificial unit cap limit removed, replaced with 6 group limit
  • Added new Bomber platform type, a large aircraft capable of carrying heavy weapons
  • Added a new Tactical Bomb weapon type, drops a massive area effect, high damage explosive
  • Restricted certain types of weapons to either air or ground depending on their usage
  • Fixed a bug on Machine Gun variants where muzzle flashes and sound would persist even if unit not firing on target
  • Improved braking for wheeled platforms, they now brake relative to their mass
  • Removed redundant research items, platforms and weapons no longer deemed necessary
  • Weapon turrets can now rotate in one of four ways to improve realism when attached to certain platforms
  • Placeholders added for all release ready platform and weapon types
  • Research UI re-design to show more information about item to unlock
  • Fixed a bug where research item data bar was not showing correctly
  • Added more information to UnitBuilder UI showing item strengths or weakness to better aid unit choice
  • Reduced height of terrain on maps that caused problems with air units colliding
  • Added a new Gunship model (kinda don't like it so may still change!)
  • Improved AI path finding on all maps
  • Air units have separate path finding to aid in node triggers, especially in combat
  • Aerodyne (gunship) platform physics completely re-worked, now handle far more consistently
  • Scatter munitions have been added, main shell breaks up into tiny bomblets before hitting the ground to maximise area of effect (and provide a cool visual!)
  • Post-game UI improved with better animation and clearer text
  • Added a new Medium Tank model
  • Created a procedural camo shader that replaces the base texture on the unit item models, provides all kinds of colour combinations and customisation
  • Deployed units now wait until turret has lined up correctly to fire

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