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New Arena environment with 5 new tracks!

A huge update including a new environment with five track layouts

0.2.9 is out! A huge update including a new environment with five layouts, four new championships, visual and audio improvements as well as smaller tweaks and balancing. Explore the new Arena environment, with a new Speedway track and infield layouts, big jumps, boost pads and underground tunnels.

An advanced RaceUI has also been added, this shows when you are losing traction or in another pilots slipstream. This will likely be expanded upon in further updates, you can turn this option on in the Settings->Interface menu.

Legacy tracks have now been added! Thunderdome, and old Vakoda City tracks can now be selected. Increasing the track count by 3.

Four new championships, including 'Test League' featuring all of the layouts from an environment...for...you guessed it testing purposes! Also features a new Early Access League Championship 'Star Cup' showcasing the Pickup gamemode.

AI Pilot Roster card visuals have been improved, starting a development to revamp this area.


-When destroyed, you now respawn at the last waypoint you triggered while still active. This stops exploits where you could jump over barriers, and boost to propel yourself to trigger farther waypoints to mitigate time lost to being destroyed. As a result the default respawn time is now set to 2 seconds from 3 seconds.

-Pangolin has been buffed, features a far tighter turning circle, and better grip. Top speed and durability has been lowered slightly.

-Bike to bike collision has been modified, there is now no friction between pilots in an attempt to combat PIT maneuvers.

What's Next

Some more local splitscreen multiplayer experimentation! This will also be a big update as I will be lining up a lot of the work for the online component too.


Oct 27, 2022
  • Entirely new environment for the Arena tracks
  • New stadium, floodlights, terrain, bridges, ad board assets
  • New Twist track
  • New Oval track
  • 5 new layouts
  • Bike collision friction now lowered with other bikes, reducing PIT move effectiveness
  • Added tunnel section, underneath speedway
  • Added advanced raceUI, shows when bikes have lost traction or are in slipstream
  • MuzzleFlashes no longer initialise if abilities are disabled
  • Made some tools to help number and organise AI pathing and waypoints
  • Buffed Pangolin stats, now has better turning and handling to match other bikes
  • Added interactive TVs, showing players camera
  • Added modular tyre walls
  • Pilots now respawn on last waypoint when not destroyed
  • Added VSync
  • Changed cinematic dampening camera to 0.1 on Arena (to match other tracks)
  • Default respawn time now 2 seconds to counter last waypoint respawn
  • Can now play legacy tracks (Thunderdome, Vakoda City Long)
  • Added Racing Lines, Waypoints, Ai Pathing, Track Objects for new layouts
  • Layout specific objects now separated from parent layout type of better organisation of items, and better memory performance
  • Changed audio trigger distances, hopefully will reduce audio engine load
  • Skidmarks and tyre smoke now correctly show when bike has lost traction on road surfaces

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Josh Lyell

Game Developer