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A futuristic bike races past a logo of the game titled Phaseshift


Genres: Combat RacingRacingAction

Platforms: PC

Brace yourself for a face-peeling blast through cyberpunk styled locales! Engage in frantic vehicular combat with over 16 highly explosive abilities and weapons. Inspired by Extreme-G, Rollcage, Wipeout and other 90s/00s combat racers.

Release date: Apr 8, 2022


Genres: StrategyRTS

Platforms: AndroidPC

Command robotic armies! Create your own custom units from unlockable platform and weapon types as you research new technologies. Tactical gameplay requires outwitting and countering your opponents moves. React, fortify and support your units on the field to capture ground. Infiltrate and destroy your opponents base to protect your planets!

Release date: TBA