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Takedown mode released, explode your opponents for points!

Three new game modes: Pickup, Takedown and Team Takedown, plus a whole raft of bug fixes.

Update 0.2.6 brings LOADS of updates, including a new playable bike Lynx, three new game modes: Pickup, Takedown and Team Takedown, plus a whole raft of bug fixes.

16 pilot events are now a thing! Jump into the explosive new Takedown mode with 15 other pilots, it's a blast! (...literally, you've been warned.)

Takedown game mode

Introducing Takedown game modes! The first combat centred mode, take out your opponents to win! Points are earned by blowing pilots up and finishing within the leaders time. Score ties are decided by track position. Team Takedown is the same, just points are combined at the end for overall team finishing position.

Pickup game mode

Ability cooldowns are a thing of the past in Pickup game mode, collect ability colour coded pickups to replenish ammo on track! Collect the pickups before your opponents do, and strategise the pickups you collect for your current scenario.


  • Improved AI pathing on all tracks
  • Fixed a critical bug where AI wouldn't brake, should be more competitive on more difficult tracks now!

What's Next

Abilities overhaul! New visuals, balancing and a complete re-design of certain abilities! The aim is to make the abilities and weapons more engaging, fun, and strategic. After community feedback regarding certain ability types, some will change all together to create more balanced context specific gameplay. Also another new bike, why not?

Takedown Gamemodev0.2.6

Jul 2, 2022
  • Created a new Pickup game mode!
  • Added Pickup gamemode specific CustomRace settings menu
  • Fixed a bug where resetting save game did not save championship data
  • Bug where multiple presses of start button on pre-race cinematics will initiate multiple times
  • Spectator follow camera now fixed
  • Improved CustomRace->GameModeSelection screen with better scaling and adaptive text
  • Re-created old bike Lynx from the ground up!
  • Added three player liveries for Lynx, including Apex Engineering livery
  • Fixed air-brake animation
  • Damage dealt to player armour and shield bars now glides to new value, improving damage taken visibility
  • Pickups placed manually in all 25 tracks
  • Fixed a critical bug where AI wouldn't brake in braking zones, meaning some tracks AI were uncompetitive
  • Improved waypoint and AI pathing in Vakoda Downtown and Reverse
  • AI wheel rotation is now locked front and rear
  • Fixed test track with new grid slots
  • Updated save file delete prompt to new UI standard
  • Added a blurred background to many UI elements for improved readability
  • Kyro now shows in pilot roster
  • Added Takedown and Team Takedown game modes!
  • Lots of functionality around Takedown modes, including countdown timers and qualifying rules
  • Added session position UI for takedown and team takedown modes, score increased with takedowns
  • Added new post race results data row for takedown and team takedown, shows ability stats and icons
  • Intervals now shown on main position display for player
  • Improved position display with team colours and scaling
  • Phaseshift now supports up to 18 AIs...if I had 18 AI...I have 17...
  • Dynamically sets number of maximum pilots on each game mode (currently can select 16)
  • Race position UI now allow for 18 pilots
  • Added 18 grid positions to all 25 tracks
  • Animations to various takedown scoring
  • New camera routine for takedowns, slows down time, lowers pitch of audio and blends to focus on taken down pilot
  • Routines for dynamic audio pitch changing at runtime
  • Allowing for dynamic volume ducking of selected audio buses
  • Pausing game now checks for any time changes
  • Pausing the game during pre and post race now doesn't show wonky behaviour
  • Fixed an issue when vignette was visible if player boosted across the line
  • Added a quick test Takedown orientated championship (please tell me if you get the reference!)
  • Removed weird +20000 that would show sometimes on the intervals
  • Camera shake disabled when takedown camera routine enabled
  • Improved visual and performance of bike destruction effects
  • Fixed a bug where players and AI bikes would not 'destroy properly'
  • Armour low voiceover no longer triggers when shields are up
  • Correctly replenishes player boost when destroyed
  • Graphics quality settings can now be changed
  • Optimised raycasting of AI sensors
  • Added TeamTakedown position UI, accepts multiple pilots (allows asymmetrical assignments)
  • Lots of balancing qualified pilots/takedown scores/team points allocation
  • Fixed a long standing issue where CustomRace->StageSelection would sometimes freeze depending on available best lap data
  • Removed those scrolling dots from, hopefully everywhere
  • Gatling Gun can no longer be used for free at the start of Pickup mode
  • Fixed a bug where on builds vibration wouldn't stop if you were destroyed while boosting
  • Added a chequered flag hologram to start line on last lap
  • Improved TitleMenu placeholder visuals
  • Fixed a problmatic AI pathing issue on Terraformer Reverse
  • Stopped some persisting vibration issues

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