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Indie Racers Festival: 1st - 4th September 2023!

Check out the Indie Racers Festival this weekend 1st - 4th of September!

This weekend 1st - 4th of September, the indie racing community is coming together to celebrate the genre with a weekend full of demos, upcoming release news, Steam key giveaways and discounts!

Last year's festival was a massive success so this year we've collected the latest upcoming and released indie racing games for another weekend of fun! Phaseshift is participating with a sweet 10% off during the event. 

For more information about other participating games and the types of discount and giveaways on offer, check out the website at: Indie Racers Festival Website

Phaseshift's Steam page can be found: Phaseshift on Steam

Try out some new demos, wishlist ones you can't wait to play, and check out the games on discount! 

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Josh Lyell

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