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Pre-alpha completed with gameplay loop finalised and victory conditions added

Main gameplay loop completion with selectable unique units, victory conditions and more.

Version 0.0.6 has been completed and FCOM now moves into alpha stage of development! The gameplay loop has now been completed and refined, victory conditions can be met with a win and lose sequence. Backend developments such as frameworks for asynchronous multiplayer have been added, which will eventually add the ability to battle with your friends asynchronously, using their retinue and build strategies. AI for singleplayer also uses this mechanism and is being used extensively to temper difficulty levels and manage gameplay length and pacing. 

What's next?

Main menus and a total UI overhaul is next, using final graphics and themes for release. The main unit builder will be added, allowing you to create your own units from parts you have researched and developed. The R&D section will also be added, allowing for any game completion to reward the player with R&D points to spend researching new technologies. This may also expand into a ranking system to potentially help with matchmaking multiplayer battles, but this version (0.0.7) seems like it might be quite a big version by itself! 

Really pleased with how FCOM is coming along, will hopefully be finalising aesthetic choices soon; made a decision to move to a more PSX style of visuals in anticipation of another title in development. After the main menus are completed, effort will be put into visual effects and particles, post processing, look and feel, gameplay refinement and other weapon and platform types such as battle walkers, heavy gunships, experimental platforms with multiple hard-points amongst other things. Map creation will also be important, creating a variety of diverse and different styles of map to necessitate different strategies and unit types. Watch this space!

If you would like to get involved with an alpha test build, feel free to join the Discord! Once this website is fully public I'm going to consider putting it up for a closed alpha test. Details will be posted on this news channel and Discord, so keep your eyes peeled!

Gameplay Loopv0.0.6

Aug 2, 2023
  • Shows all of players unique units in a retinue menu, and allows them to be selected for the next play session
  • Proper victory conditions with animation, and AI defeat and victory routine
  • New player profile for waves and retinue types, will allow for asynchronous multiplayer in the future
  • Can modify start amount of base turrets
  • Textures have been changed to resemble a PSX style
  • Scene management upon game completion
  • Loading screen now exists with ad link up
  • Splash screens now available
  • Unit Builder now orders units by cost
  • SessionManager keeps track of gametime
  • Minor optimisations and improvements

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