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Research and development, main menu UI and player save data

New research and development menu, main menu switchboards and player persistent save data features added

Alpha version 0.0.7 is now complete with fully working main menu screens allowing you to change menus between retinue, research, unit builder and battle skirmish options. The research and development menu is now complete which allows you to spend your Research Points to unlock new technologies and parts for your units! This tech tree is totally dynamic so items can be added in the future and it will auto-update and save to your save file. Currently research is limited to your research points and whether you have researched all of that items prerequisites, but in the future it maybe dictated by player rank too, so overly powerful items cannot be simply rushed to get.

As mentioned player data is now saved locally, so XP and research points are saved, as well as research items that have been unlocked. Player colour and name are also saved but currently cannot be changed at runtime. 

Other changes include winnings at the end of a match, improved screen panning in-game, bug fixes such as preventing gunships creeping forward when set to hold, reset game time with each new session and preventing unit attitude changes when all units have not left the factory. (This caused a traffic jam!)

What's next?

The all important Unit Builder! 0.0.7 was a bit bigger than expected, with the research tree taking many days to complete, so the Unit Builder is now the primary focus. Luckily it should be a little bit easier to implement now that player save data and the research data structure is complete. The Unit Builder will form the primary gameplay mechanic as you can customise and create your own units to flatter your play style. After this, all gameplay features will be complete! Focus will then be on content creation, so new maps and scenarios, new AI types, new platform types (jets, bombers and walkers) and new weapon types including long range tactical missiles and more! 

After 0.0.8 I can see FCOM getting a test release for the alpha version, so if you want to get involved, please feel free to join the Discord! You need an Android phone and a Google Play account. Full details will available on Discord so watch that (and this) space!

Research and Developmentv0.0.7

Sep 21, 2023
  • Dynamic tech tree flow chart showing all available research
  • Research item prompt shows item stats and description for comparison
  • Player save data is now saved locally and stores vital information such as research unlocks
  • Current active unit retinue is shown in menu
  • Fixed a bug where UnitGroups could cover themselves
  • Now can't change a UnitGroups attitude until all units have left the factory
  • Added animation to the core integrity value when core is hit
  • Player name is now visible on core integrity bar
  • UnitGroupBlock now shows the groups attitude
  • Fixed a bug where game time would not reset to 0 at the start of a session
  • Fixed a bug where the same scenario could not be played in one play session
  • Ballistic weapon naming has been changed to kinetic
  • Active retinue units now get saved to player save data
  • Added a profile tool bar that shows player data, research points, XP and more
  • Added animations to windowed prompts on main menu
  • Added a notice when a player cannot afford an item
  • Items that do not have prerequisites complete cannot be researched
  • Improved in-game movement via touch, now moves progressively through the stroke, not at the end
  • Fixed a bug where gunships would creep forward slowly when attitude set to hold

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Josh Lyell

Game Developer