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Tweaks and improvements from #IndieRacersFest feedback

QOL improvements from feedback throughout the Indie Racers Festival

0.2.8 brings a whole raft of small improvements from feedback gathered throughout the Indie Racers Festival. Main changes are the countdown to abilities/weapons enabled, session settings available on pre-race and pause menu. The game mode is now recalled via voice over before the start sequence so you have a better idea of what you're getting yourself into! (The quality of the voice over is not final!)


-Teammates no longer attack you! This was something found after the 0.2.7 Abilities update. Although teammates went to attack you they did no damage, and now they won't even try!

What's Next

As mentioned in the 0.2.7 'What's Next' update, a brand new Arena environment, with infield tracks, jumps, tunnels you name it! I will also be prototyping some local multiplayer components all ready for a split-screen and eventually online multiplayer mode.

Quality Of Lifev0.2.8

Sep 5, 2022
  • Added title music
  • New Title screen routine, shows player what it's doing, and status of save file updates etc
  • Added turbo whine to AI engines
  • Fixed some wonky UI behaviour on lower resolutions
  • Light abilities and heavy abilities now shut off correctly when passing the line firing
  • Teammates no longer attack you!
  • Visible countdown timer for abilities enabling
  • 1440p now available
  • Vocal cue plays on pre-race telling you gamemode playing (SFX currently placeholder)
  • Fixed Pre-race UI anchor points, should now display on all resolutions
  • Added session settings data to pre-race
  • Added session settings to pause menu, with current track and game mode
  • Smoothened out keyboard steering
  • Added gravel and grip zones for different surfaces (preliminary work for Arena layouts)
  • Added gravel traps to current Arena track for testing
  • Improved death screen
  • Changed respawn zone spawn direction on Canyon
  • Reduced performance load of bike explosion effect
  • Abilities are not initialised when abilities are disabled, improves performance

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