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FCOM Alpha released, Tactical Missiles, Bombers and more!

0.1.0 has landed with a massive update, new content, features and bug fixes!

Game: FCOM

Dec 8, 2023

New models, maps, Fighters and AI behaviour improvements

AI priority behaviour improvements, new Unit models, Fighter platforms, vastly enhanced maps with a new environment: Saathea!

Game: FCOM

Nov 12, 2023

Custom Unit Builder

Create your own Units with your unlocked research with the Unit Builder

Game: FCOM

Oct 10, 2023

Research and development, main menu UI and player save data

New research and development menu, main menu switchboards and player persistent save data features added

Game: FCOM

Sep 22, 2023

Pre-alpha completed with gameplay loop finalised and victory conditions added

Main gameplay loop completion with selectable unique units, victory conditions and more.

Game: FCOM

Aug 2, 2023

Capture turrets and new menu UI in the new FCOM update

Main menus and building capture added, with updates to UI and soundtrack

Game: FCOM

Jul 14, 2023